About The Archetype


The origins of the Archetype can be traced back to a friendly rivalry between competitive University dance squads, whose mutual respect eventually led to the formation of a dance group that would win World of Dance UK, be awarded ‘Best UK Dance Group’ , and earn their place on the prestigious mainstage of the UK’s cornerstone underground dance event – Breakin’ Convention, 2019.

After years of competition, alumni dancers from the University of Warwick and Nottingham Trent University joined forces to build a piece for World of Dance UK back in 2014. Like all good origin stories, the rest is history. Led by Mike Igbins, the group entered a formative state, accumulating knowledge, competitive experience, and group members, who ranged from talented friends and family of the original cast, to stand-out auditionees – each sharing the core intention of the group to tell stories, fiercely strive for originality, and celebrate authentic modern music.

The different pieces clicked into place in 2016, when a podium finish at The Hotstepper UK catalysed a year of competitive successes and tireless creativity driven by the group’s choreographers, Mike, Dee, Shirley and Asha. With newfound momentum and creative ambition, The Archetype would deliver their most experimental piece yet, ‘Water’ , at World of Dance UK, 2017. Telling an abstract story about the human struggle to adapt to change, ‘Water’ both won WOD UK and sparked the beginning of a golden age during which the Archetype would win ‘Best Dance Group’ at the UK Dance Awards in 2018.

Today, the group’s portfolio includes multiple first-place competitive finishes, bookings at major events, charitable contributions and the continuation of the elemental narrative: ‘Earth’ winning The Hotstepper UK 2017, ‘Fire’ being performed internationally at the World of Dance Championships in LA, and ‘Air’ debuting at Breakin’ Convention, 2019. The Archetype is passionate about originality and motivated to make a difference, both in the dance scene and beyond.


Driven by the constant desire to innovate and go against the grain, The Archetype both stands out and keeps audiences guessing what to expect next. Thanks to a unique creation methodology and meticulous attention to detail, a high-level of quality is upheld that pervades all work – from signature sets delivered at international venues, to local performances that contribute to charities and social outreach.

Musically, an eclectic mix of genres is used, and the group performs against a variety of sonic backdrops that combine to reflect the Archetype’s culturally rich character. Genres explored have included trap, R’n’B, hip-hop, soul, electronic, afrobeats, pop, house and classical music.


  • ‘Dance group of the year’ Dance Awards UK (2018)
  • The Hotstepper UK (2018 1st Place Champions, 2nd Place In 2016 And 2017)
  • World of Dance Championships (Los Angeles, 2018)
  • World of Dance UK (2017 1st Place Champions)
  • UDO Essex Regionals (2017 1st Place Champions)


  • Breakin’ Convention Main-stage (2019)
  • MOVE IT Main-stage (2019)
  • The Great Get Together Main-stage (2019)
  • Love Supreme Jazz festival (2019)
  • Hidden River Festival (2019)
  • ‘Pericles’ by Shakespeare at the National Theatre (2018)
  • Dancer’s Delight UK (2018)
  • Ice Totally Gaming – ExCel London (2018)
  • National Citizens Service – The Challenge (2018)
  • Catford Film Festival (2018)
  • JLL ‘Beyond Culture’ (2018)
  • London Youth Conference (2018)
  • Keep It Moving Showcase at the London Southbank Centre (2017)
  • MOVE IT/Capezio Championships (2017)
  • The Garden: Before The Bite – Richmix London (2017)
  • Far From Broadway Showcase (2017)
  • Mana 100 2-year Anniversary Showcase (2017)
  • Create Change – The Hive Dalston (2017)