May 2018

‘Earth’ is the second Elements piece, part of a series which explore our relationship with the planet. This piece introduces the concept of ‘Earth’ and debuted at The Hotstepper UK where it was awarded 1st place in the competition. The set explores origins and tribalism, as well as Afro-Brazilian culture and African mythology, whilst illustrating the wrath of an environment long-held at the mercy of human action and abuse.

Part of a body of work conceptually based on the philosophical elements. Each piece explores the nature of our relationship with the planet, as both the physical manifestation of inner turmoil and the environment around us that forces us to change and is a mirror to our actions when confronted with challenges. ‘Water’ comes first:

Water, change, submergence

Earth, emergence, formation, civilisation, violence, consequence

Fire, chaos, entropy, sacrifice, redemption, retribution, victory

– Air, relief, rebirth, celebration, contentment

Music and choreography credit

Moneoa ‘Isbhanxa (Dj Tea Point 5 Remix)’
Choreography By Asha Verma, Dee Gyasi-Sonukan, Shirley Ahura, Mike Igbins (contribution from Amz Mansaray)


Amona Venice, Amz Mansaray, Asha Verma, Brittney Wallace, Dee Gyasi-Sonukan, Dorine Mwesiga, Elisa Bei, Esra Mansour, Imani Clovis, Jade Adesola, Jesse Erhabor, Jessica Owens, Mike Igbins, Natasha Jalonen, Pav Rai, Sagar Shah, Sean Perkins, Shirley Ahura, Temica Thompson