MANA 100 Anniversary Showcase

July 2017

A simple medley performed at The MANA 100 Anniversary Showcase. This set aimed to showcase the team’s breadth of musical appreciation, as it featured commercial and popular songs less frequently associated with The Archetype’s style.

Music and choreography credit

SZA ‘The Weekend’
Choreography By Shirley Ahura

Nicki Minaj ‘No Frauds’
Choreography By Dee Gyasi-Sonukan

Dj Khaled Feat. Rihanna ‘Wild Thoughts’
Choreography By Asha Verma


Amona Venice, Asha Verma, Brittney Wallace, Brittney Wallace, Dee Gyasi-Sonukan, Elisa Bei, Erick Bannerman, Jade Adesola, Jesse Erhabor, Jessica Owens, Mike Igbins, Pav Rai, Shirley Ahura, Temica Thompson