SAS: Insight 2018

October 2018

A hybrid piece that aimed to explore our relationship with the planet whilst depicting a gripping tale of mystery, fear, defeat and transcendence. Performed as a trilogy, the set comprised of three existing stand-alone pieces: ‘Water’ (World of Dance UK 2017), ‘Earth’ (The Hotstepper UK 2018) and ‘Fire’ (World of Dance Championships 2018) – with an allusion to ‘Air’ to finish. Performed at Serious about Streetdance: Insight, organised by Artist4Artists and Kymberlee Jay.

Choreography credit

Main Choreography By Asha Verma, Dee Gyasi-Sonukan, Mike Igbins And Shirley Ahura – With Additional Input From The Entire Team


Amz Mansaray, Arthi Nachiappan, Asha Verma, Brittney Wallace, Dee Gyasi-Sonukan, Esra Mansour, Jade Adesola, Jesse Erhabor, Laura Harrison, Mike Igbins, Pav Rai, Sagar Shah, Sean Perkins, Shirley Ahura, Imani Clovis