The Circus

May 2017
A theatrical, story-based piece originally performed at The Hotstepper UK. Despite an upbeat and charming appearance, the darker undertones of this performance piece revealed a world of plot twists, murder and intrigue. Embodying the style of a typical Vaudeville spectacle, this piece dramatised the smoke and mirrors often used to disguise the ugly side of show business. This set was awarded 2nd place in the competition.

Music and Choreography credit

Common ft. Jill Scott ‘I Am Music’

Choreography by Mike Igbins


Amona Venice,Asha Verma, Brittney Wallace, Dee Gyasi-Sonukan, Erick Bannerman, Fabienne Hakim, Imani Clovis, Jade Adesola, Jessica Owens, Leanne George, Mike Igbins, Sagar Shah, Sean Perkins, Shirley Ahura