The Garden

August 2017

A choreographic interpretation of the loss of the Garden Of Eden. This piece aimed to explore the state of the earth and depict humanity’s insatiable thirst for knowledge. Commissioned by The Performance Lab and Divya Satwani , the piece was performed at Rich Mix as part of an immersive art event – ‘The Garden: After The Bite’.

Music and choreography credit

Tennyson ‘XYZ’
Choreography By Mike Igbins, Asha Verma, Shirley Ahura And Dee Gyasi-Sonukan


Amona Venice, Asha Verma, Brittney Wallace, Brittney Wallace, Dorine Mwesiga, Imani Clovis, Jade Adesola, Jesse Erhabor, Leanne George, Mike Igbins, Pav Rai, Shirley Ahura, Temica Thompson