UDO Regionals 2015

February 2015

The Archetype’s second performance; a short and energetic medley performed at the United Dance Organisation’s (UDO) regional qualifiers in Essex. Musically, this set was a departure from the team’s first performance, featuring more contemporary and electronic sounds. This set qualified the team for the UDO World Championships.

February 2015

Music and Choreography credit

Mr Carmack ‘Hectic #3’

Choreography By Mike Igbins and Michael-Ross Povoas

Goldlink ‘Divine’

Choreography By Jessica Owens, Dee Gyasi-Sonukan, Myk Igbins and Fran Barbera-Mayor


Brittney Wallace, Dee Gyasi-Sonukan, Fran Barbera-Mayor, Jessica Owens, Michael-Ross Povoas, MikeIgbins